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Booking will be considered confirmed only on 100% Full payment. Events booked prior 6 months and above may make Minimum 80% of the estimated billing for reservation remaining Balance 100% to be deposited within 2 week before the date of reservation. Any additional amount due for payment will be settled immediately on the day before the function through Bank Draft, Cheque, or NEFT. 
Kindly submit the copy for GST & PAN card for the billing.
Crackers are not allowed within 200 meters radius of the Banquet.
Playing of indoor music or live band will be permitted only till 11:00 pm
The sound limit should be confined to Government Law & regulations all license to be obtained by customer booking the banquet.
All types of additional arrangement, flower decoration, hall decoration or stall arrangements can be provided on an additional charge.
Drums / Dhol / Godhi or Band is strictly prohibited within the Banquet premises.
In Case of catering all charges will be levied and calculated on the actual number of persons or the guaranteed number of persons, whichever is higher; Additional due payment will be deducted from the security deposit.
All necessary permits, licenses or ‘No Objection Certificates’ that may be required, including for beverages required to host the event will be arranged by the customer and provided to the Management at least 7 days prior to the event. The Management & Mangalam Banquets will not be responsible in any way and will remain indemnified from all kind of claims & infringement if any.
All materials / goods brought in for the function / event will be strictly at customer’s own risk. The Management will not be liable for any damage caused to customer’s goods. Management strictly prohibits the use of nails, scotch tape or pins for any purpose. Any damage caused due to non-adherence to this will be recovered from the customer security deposit. As a rule only standees and framed banners will be permitted to be put up within the premises.
Management strictly prohibits Pan, Gutka, smoking of cigarettes within the premises.
Vehicles parking will be at the vehicle owner’s risk and the management will not be liable for any loss or damage to the vehicle.
Management will not be liable for any loss damage to customer’s property or belongings.
The Customer will ensure strict adherence to Banquet guidelines and will be strictly responsible & Liable to repay for any damage or breakage caused by any contractor / worker / guest engaged or invited by him.
Banquet will not be responsible for events being cancelled or postponed due to act of god/Nature or Legal Situations.
Cancellation Policy can be found in booking Invoice.

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