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Signature Events. Stylish Celebrations.

Mangalam Banquet can be used for all types of conferences, Meetings, Special Birthday, Engagement & Reception party, dinner & lunch buffets, formal meets of companies, etc. Available Valet Car Park, Power Backup & many more professional services to make your event a memorable one. We serve at your pleasure.

Flower Arrangements suitable for private functions

Mangalam Banquet Kolkata has been adequately designed to host different varients of conference from different fields of professionals; Specially Medical, Legal and Educational fields. Available on request are Audio & Visual Aids which are vital in most events managed exclusively by trained professionals for smooth, uninterupted memorable event.  

Events & Galas

Events such as Galas and fundraisers, require specific experience and expertise. Mangalam Banquet team is well-versed in the unique challenges of large high-profile events. We specialize in  catering events planning. We help you produce an extraordinary event, while keeping your bottom line and goals in mind.


Parties & Celebrations 

Planning a Celebration Party  for 400 people is much different than planning for 40. Mangalam brings experienced team to help you customize details that is unique to your event, while delivering the top of the line experiences that your guests would expect from Mangalam Banquet Kolkata. In addition to tantalizing cuisine, we offers a full spectrum of event planning. We support you throughout the planning process, including menu creation, floor-plan design and set-up, linen selection, décor, and event timeliness.

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